"World factory headquarters base" is a investment and entrepreneurship settlement projects supported by Landkreis Birkenfeld county government Rheinland-Pfalz Germany, facing production enterprise investment of Chinese and global, helping you open the door to the European market with great location, great appreciation potential and the full range of reliable services.

"World factory headquarters base" covers an area of nearly 40000 square meters, with 18 commercial buildings, and 500 sets of collective office and commodity display have been set up as the multi-functional office, among which communal facilities and exercise yard cover about 1000 square meters and the warehouse covers 4000 square meters. The construction of it has been completed in 6 phases, 3 business buildings in each phases.It is planed that, in 5 years, the world factory headquarters base will be the largest product exhibition platform, trade distribution center and international logistics warehouse in Europe, achieving high yield overseas investments with minimal capital flow and the shortest possible time.

"World factory headquarters base" has helped more than 200 entrepreneurs run companies successfully here. They are mainly engaged in Sino Germany, and Sino European bilateral trade, including medical, machinery, chemical supplies, garden equipment, thermal equipment, food, health care products, baby products, daily necessities, office supplies, crafts, clothing, cosmetics, electronics business consulting, business services, advertising, mold making, game animation, lighting and so on. "World factory headquarters base" will gradually attract more than 500 new investors,and the collection of elites will create more wealth and a larger market!"