Villas were developed and constructed by German CCN Limited by Share Ltd. A total of 31 detached villas are located at 3 locations. The one closest to German Oak Garden Headquarters is the ""Hawpe Xuecheng villa"" (Hoppstaedten-weiersbach), located in the center of the  Birkenfeld ""Birkenfeld Oak City villa"" (Birkenfeld). ""At Bronnbach villa"" (Niederbrombach) is more close to the largest city of Birkenfeld Idar-Oberstein, commonly known as the Gem Town. The villas in 3 sections is the extension of mature German community, with convenient living and transportation, quiet and beautiful.

First, the characteristics of villas

Hawpe city villas"" Hoppstaedten-weiersbach(in the town of Hawpe)

Orientation: All houses are basically face to southwest, which relats to the higher latitude geography and history of the Germany, so that the orientation can help accept more sunshine.

Location and transportation: adjacent to Sino German Oak Garden Community (a commercial apartment group), world factory headquarters base, multifunctional Gymnasium (including outdoor soccer field, tennis court), FISSLER Co. Ltd. (kitchenware) and Rofu Co. Ltd. (toys),Environment college of Hochschule Trier. It's 1000 meters from Xinqiao railway station, and 3 minutes' drive from highway entrance (A62 highway, B41 state highway).

Near the school: kindergarten, Hawpe Town Primary School, Environment college of Hochschule Trier.

""Birkenfeld Oak City villa"" Birkenfeld (in Birkenfeld county)

Orientation: Southwest

Location and transport: Only 8 villas od the new communities in the local government administration seat are on sale, belonging to scarce resources. In recent years, it is expected to form a Birkenfeld high-end community. The natural forest is close at hand, as if one lives in a natural oxygen bar. It's a quiet neighborhood, only 1 kilometers from the Birkenfeld center. It's 7 minutes' drive from Xinqiao station.

Life support: Drive 2 minutes or walk 15 minutes to supermarket, post office, church, city hall, primary school, kindergarten, bank, hospital, pharmacy, bars, restaurants, bus station and so on. Life is very convenient.

Close school: primary and secondary schools.


""Hawpe villa"" Niederbrombach,(between two large population areas, near the Gem Town)

Orientation: Southwest, on sunny slopes facing south,, sunny all the year round

Location and transportation: Located in hilly areas, the scenery of here is excellent. B41 road crosses the town, with convenient transportation, 7 kilometers away from Birkenfeld and only 15 kilometers from the largest city Idar-oberstein of Birkenfeld (commonly known as the Gem Town). It's 18 minutes' drive from Idar-oberstein railway station, and 14 minutes' drive from Xinqiao station.

Living support: living facilities are available, large supermarkets, bars, restaurants, flower shops, as well as other professional stores, such as cars, building materials supermarkets, and electrical appliances supermarkets. About 15 minutes drive to the pedestrian street on Gem Street. In the ancient city streets, feel the precipitation of history, many professional jewelry stores are popular with European tourists (open on Saturday), and there are also over a hundred years of iron grilled beef or pork to satisfy your taste buds.
Close schools: Primary School (Grundschule Niederbrombach),and Sports Club (TuS Niederbrombach 1911 e.V), has a standard football field and multi-functional stadium.

Remarks: horse riding, golf, swimming pool, flying driving school, ski resort, Persian Lake Lake and other places of entertainment are within half an hour's drive."